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Client: Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies
Location: UAE-Abu Dhabi
Price: 130,000,000 AED
Date: 2008


Because the existing design of Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies did not consider the future extension, extension becomes not very easy and needs a lot of study. It needs very special design to meet with Abu Dhabi building regulations, at the same time it must be feasible, sustainable, and functional, aesthetically accepted and meets the aesthetical values.

This design proposal is the fruit of putting all these together to provide (23297 sq.m) of office space with all services required.

 The proposed building shall have 14 story, 11 of them are (1949 sq.m each) used as open office spaces above one story with the same area to accommodate 49 car park stalls which can be reached by round ramp.

 The ground level used as building entrance, service areas and passage road connecting both sides of the project where the two existing entrances now are located.

 White and light brown colors are the existing building external colors, the same are used in the extension building facades but in other materials and shapes.

 Using the same colors in a different way gives integrity to the project buildings and can provide excellent and distinguished design.



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  • Abu Dhabi-Rashid Bin Saeed St.- Harib Al Uteiba Building-Flat#202.

  • Iraq-Baghdad-Al wahda Quarter-Neigh No 902-St # 6–11

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