Art Work

Fine art was not only the result of years of study, but it was there from his early childhood growing as his abilities and talents growing as well

In 1961- Department of Architecture- and for the first time, Adnan Aswad used wood to embody Motherhood Sculpture which was his first sculpture ever

He received all the support and encouragement he needed from his professors to complete the journey he started

Later, he met Khaled Rahhal and Mohammed Ghani Hekmet whose both have long experience in sculpture and beauty, he learned whatever he needed to improve his ability and capacity of sculpture

He spent the period 1965-1966 with Mohammed Ghani Hekmet and started to participate with individual sculptures in art exhibitions

In the year 1984 he held his first personal exhibition

Between architecture and sculpture, Adnan Aswad the architect finishes his works with a unique combination of contemporary architecture and pleasant scintillating sculpture

Adnan Aswad believes that buildings are such rigid tough masses surrounded by dynamic life and movement, so he went to sculpt the rigidity and added a lot of life spirit over his buildings

Adnan Aswad believes that museums can’t contain architecture

He expressed his ideas, art and sculptural ability outside galleries, so he went to carve his buildings to embody the structural frame clearly at his elevations or to represent ideas and stories, while sometimes it was the dreams over there

His art works are the expressions of reflections 

He carved whatever he believed in, thought of or dreamed with

His art works are a conversation with human thought, reflections and secrets

Each sculpture expresses the joy or pain of its event, but still it is a part of Aswad art journey which accompanied by fantasies of fine art lovers 

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  • Abu Dhabi-Rashid Bin Saeed St.- Harib Al Uteiba Building-Flat#202.

  • Iraq-Baghdad-Al wahda Quarter-Neigh No 902-St # 6–11

  • Iraq- Arbil

  • Fax:+971 2 6328350