Iraq Reconstruction >Al Waziria Mixed Use Towers

Client: Dar Al Tameer for trading contracting and transportation
Location: Iraq–Baghdad-Al Waziria
Price: 23,000,000 USD
Date: 2010

This residential project lies in Waziria Neighborhood which is part of Al Adhamiya where existing buildings height average is about two floors of height.

The project with its 16 floors above the ground floor will have a panoramic view to all Baghdad and the Tigris River as well.

And because it is close to two very important streets, the lower floors are used as a shopping mall while the upper floors will serve as residential.    

  • Abu Dhabi-Rashid Bin Saeed St.- Harib Al Uteiba Building-Flat#202.

  • Iraq-Baghdad-Al wahda Quarter-Neigh No 902-St # 6–11

  • Iraq- Arbil

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